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We are a team of multi-skilled individuals who love to turn things on their head! We are always working to create impactful design and content, that drives brand recognition and sales.

Discovery & Strategy

What: A definitive idea of what the product is, its features and how the customer interacts with it.

Why: To provide a clear and concise understanding of product features and how it will benefit the user. To enhance User experience and to make it as seamless as possible.

How: By creating product specification sheets outlining features, advantages and benefits for a relevant user.

Product & User Stories

What: Developing and establishing a unique image and perspective for the brand.

Why: To differentiate the brand from its competitors and to create a consistent and recognisable image that customers can associate with the brand. A strong brand identity can help build customer loyalty, establish a sense of trust, and drive business growth.

How: By establishing a brand guideline document which will define how the brand should be represented visually and verbally, across all channels.

Brand Identity Creation

What: Defining the day-to-day activities and resources required to meet your brand's goals and objectives for eCommerce.

Why: Our goal will be to optimize the use of resources to achieve an outcome for the brands online operations in terms of efficiency and profitability.

How: This plan will include a detailed analysis of the current operations, identification of potential problems and bottlenecks, and the development of strategies to address these issues. It will also involve the research and development of a tech stack that would be ideally suited for deployment.

eCommerce Operations Planning

What: The plan of action we will use to promote, sell and distribute the product.

Why: A clearly defined plan will ensure we have a concise strategy to drive revenue growth, capture and increase market share and achieve overall business objectives.

How: By creating our brand marketing guidelines which will include plans on creating awareness, building a brand image, attracting potential customers, converting leads into customers and after sales service. This stage involves defining the channels that will be used for your brands marketing i.e. Email, WhatsApp, Social Media, PPC.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Design & Onboarding

What: Primarily, build a relevant, systematic catalog. Develop relevant product imaging styles and text content to supplement and substantiate product listings. 

Why: An accurate catalog is the backbone of any eCommerce brand. It enables consistent product representation, product sales, after sales feedback and customer feedback.

How: By creating various SOPs for the different aspects of a successful product catalog, building and maintaining an accurate database with relevant catalogs.

Catalog Development & Product Imaging 

What: Forming the backbone of a company’s supply chain management, this includes storage and management of product and the process of fulfilling customer orders.

Why: Ensuring the customer correctly receives their products on time and in good condition.

How: Onboarding third party logistics providers, process based implementation of inventory management and order processing systems.

3PL Warehousing & Order Processing

What: Branding the company’s products through online channels including but not limited to Website, WhatsApp Selling, and App Development.

Why: To provide an online presence that accurately reflects the company's brand image, messaging, and values, and to provide customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

How: Phase wise implementation of relevant platforms.

Branded eCommerce

What: Showcasing and selling the company’s products through marketplace accounts.

Why: Marketplaces provide a unique insight into multiple customer segments and an opportunity to sell on a platform that gives access to a massive, existing customer base.

How: Phase wise implementation of marketplace accounts including listings, A plus content and advertisements.

Marketplace eCommerce

E-Commerce & Marketing

What: The process of getting a product or brand found on search engines such as Google, Bing and more.

Why: To increase brand awareness, generate leads, build customer loyalty, and drive traffic.

How: Curating brand content for Search Engines as well as running targeted advertisements.

Search Engine Marketing

What: The process of promoting a product or brand on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Why: To increase brand awareness, generate leads, build customer loyalty, and drive traffic.

How: Creating curated content such as text, image and video posts and running ads.

Social Media Marketing

What: The process of promoting products on Marketplace ad platforms.

Why: To increase product visibility, brand awareness, generate leads and drive revenue by ensuring product sales.

How: Creating curated content such as text, image and video for listings and store pages, and running ads to drive sales.

Marketplace Advertising

What: Planning and execution of forays into international markets.

Why: Through branded eCommerce and marketplaces with the assistance of local partnerships.

How: Brand presence in international markets provides the opportunity to expand our customer base, increase profit margin and add to brand valuation.

International Market Exposure

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Step into the future with Popfly, where innovation isn't just a buzzword, it's our blueprint. We blend imagination with cutting-edge tech to paint outside the lines, crafting experiences that are as unique as your brand. Join us in pioneering trends, not just following them.

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