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Brings out the Naughty in You


​The pandemic has accelerated the trend of working from home and it has increased the demand for comfortable and casual clothing. The creator of the fashion brand "Fockse" wanted to target the 16 - 40 year old demographic with unique and trendy boxers and pyjamas that are designed for working from home.


eCommerce - Fashion



Project Scope

​Brand & Web Design,
E-Commerce, Logistics & Social Media Marketing

Client Brief

Community Building

By creating shareable content that elicits laughter and nods of recognition, we not only increase brand awareness but also deepen our connection with our followers.


Rebel Loungewear Branding and Engagement Campaign

Brand Identity Package: Development of a comprehensive brand identity that includes logo design, color palette, typography, and visual motifs that reflect Fockse's commitment to fun, mischief, and vibrancy, ensuring consistency across all materials.
Marketing Campaign Strategy: A detailed plan for a series of marketing campaigns that leverage bold visuals, playful patterns, vibrant colors, and cheeky slogans. The strategy will outline channels, timelines, and key messages tailored to resonate with the target audience.
Content Creation Plan: A schedule and content guidelines for creating engaging, authentic, and inclusive content that showcases the Fockse Gang lifestyle across social media platforms, blogs, and newsletters, focusing on storytelling that connects with the audience.
Interactive Digital Experiences: Development of online contests, quizzes, and interactive platforms that invite consumers to engage with the brand, share their own stories, and become part of the Fockse Gang community.
Influencer Collaboration Strategy: Identification and engagement plan for partnerships with influencers who embody the Fockse spirit, to amplify the brand message and reach a wider, yet targeted, audience.
Customer Experience Enhancement: Recommendations for personalized shopping experiences, customer service touchpoints, and loyalty programs that reflect the brand’s commitment to fun and individuality, encouraging repeat engagement.
Diverse Voices Campaign: A specific campaign focused on showcasing diverse voices and experiences within the Fockse community, including storytelling initiatives and collaborations that highlight inclusivity.
Merchandise and Packaging Design: Design of limited-edition merchandise and packaging that captures the essence of the brand, incorporating playful designs and slogans that customers would love to share and showcase.

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