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Creating a Brand for a Billion People

Pichku Snacks

Pichku, a brand built on love for authentic, home-cooked, delicious snacks, seeks to expand its reach in the Indian market. Built on the foundation of a mother's culinary love, Pichku promises fresh, handcrafted snacks while supporting and empowering local artisans.


eCommerce - FMCG



Project Scope

Branding, Packaging, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Logistics

Client Brief

Stand out yet fit in...

In the saturated and intensely competitive landscape of the Indian FMCG sector, there is an imperative need to develop a distinctive brand image for Pichku that resonates with the diverse population of India. The challenge is to design and present Pichku in a way that it not only appeals universally but also stands out starkly from the multitude of competing brands.


Synthesis of the brand essence into all parts of the Brand Experience

Pichku Illustrations: Infuse the brand with a distinct personality by creating adorable and captivating 'Pichku' character illustrations. The illustrations will not only make the brand more memorable and endearing but also set it apart in the cluttered FMCG shelves. The cuteness and relatability of these characters will enhance the approachability of the brand and foster a deeper emotional connection with consumers.
Bollywood-Inspired Social Media Content: Amplify Pichku's visibility and brand recall by producing engaging social media content that integrates the charm of the Pichku characters with the magic of Bollywood. Utilize popular song sequences, memorable movie scenes, and current trends to create animated reels and posts. By capitalizing on the cultural resonance of Bollywood, Pichku will ensure high engagement levels, making the brand memorable and widely discussed.
Amazon A+ Content: Maximize online sales and brand perception by creating A+ content on Amazon for Pichku products. Incorporate high-resolution images, engaging videos, detailed product descriptions, and compelling customer reviews. This enriched content will not only provide customers with a holistic understanding of Pichku's offerings but also enhance product discoverability and boost conversion rates.
Targeted Social Media Advertising: Develop a strategic advertising campaign across major social media platforms, focusing on Pichku's unique selling propositions and the brand story. Segment and target the vast Indian audience based on demographics, preferences, and buying behaviors to ensure maximum reach and effectiveness. Employ A/B testing to refine ad creatives and drive optimal engagement.
​Cohesive Packaging Design: Design packaging that is both functional and visually delightful. Incorporate the Pichku illustrations, reinforcing the brand identity, and use color palettes that resonate with Indian sensibilities. The packaging should be eco-friendly, aligning with the brand's commitment to quality and responsibility. QR codes linking to engaging Pichku content can also be added for an interactive experience.
By integrating these branding, design, and packaging strategies, Pichku will be poised to carve out a significant niche for itself in the Indian FMCG sector, setting new benchmarks for brand recall, engagement, and loyalty.

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