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Cultivating Rich History Through Tactile Play


​Enabling the new generation to connect with the Indian ethos through tactile play, ensuring they grow up with an understanding and appreciation of their rich heritage.


eCommerce - Toys & Games



Project Scope

​Product Development, Brand Development,
E-Commerce & Logistics

Client Brief

Pioneering Cultural Education Through Interactive Toys.

Communicate Toynama's values of inclusivity, curiosity, and quality craftsmanship, aligning with the aspirations of modern Indian families.


Product Development, Brand & Web Design, Offline Advertising & Social Media Marketing

Plan strategic product launches aligned with cultural festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Ganesh Chaturthi, offering special edition toys and promotions to capitalize on seasonal demand. Implement loyalty programs and referral incentives to encourage repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing.

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