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Dazzle the desi way

Gulaal Jewels

Gulaal, an upmarket jewellery brand, prides itself on offering meticulously crafted pieces that reflect elegance and luxury. However, to maximize its reach and impact on potential customers, it was imperative for Gulaal to have a strong, coherent, and captivating presence on social media platforms. This project focused on overhauling Gulaal's current social media strategy, with special emphasis on its content and targeting methods.


eCommerce - Jewellery



Project Scope

Branding, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, Logistics

Client Brief

Rethinking the Social Media Strategy

​Lack of Product-Centric Content: Gulaal's current image and video content on Instagram and other platforms often lack a clear focus on the actual product. While the surrounding aesthetics are important, the primary showcase - the jewellery - sometimes gets overshadowed.

Inconsistent Brand Style: Currently, Gulaal's social media content does not present a cohesive brand style. A scattered and inconsistent visual representation can lead to brand dilution and confusion among potential customers.

Misaligned Targeting: While Gulaal's creations cater to an upmarket audience, the brand's current social media strategy does not seem to target this demographic effectively. Consequently, much of the marketing effort does not reach its intended audience, resulting in lost potential sales and brand visibility.


Synthesis of the brand essence into all parts of the Brand Experience

Refocused Content Creation:

Emphasize Product in Imagery: Use close-ups, different angles, and macro shots to ensure that the product is the focal point of each post. Highlight the intricate details, craftsmanship, and luxury that each piece of jewellery embodies.

Lifestyle Integration: Showcase the jewellery being worn in various upscale settings and events, highlighting how Gulaal’s pieces can complement different luxury lifestyles.

Brand Style Cohesion:

Unified Theme Development: Create a consistent theme for Gulaal's social media pages. This could include consistent use of colors that align with the brand's identity, filters, and post layouts.

Content Calendar Creation: Develop a content calendar that outlines the type of content to be posted daily/weekly. This will ensure consistency in style, voice, and message.

Brand Voice Consistency: Whether it's a post caption or a reply to a customer, maintaining a consistent brand voice that resonates with luxury and elegance is essential.

Redefining Audience Targeting:

Audience Analysis: Use data analytics to understand who Gulaal's current followers are, their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Targeted Advertising: Allocate budget for paid promotions on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, targeting users who fit the ideal customer profile for Gulaal. This includes factors such as age, interests, buying behavior, and more.

Influencer Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers and personalities that resonate with the upmarket audience. This not only expands reach but also solidifies Gulaal's position in the luxury market.

Engagement Analysis: Regularly review analytics to determine which content is most engaging to the target audience and refine strategies accordingly.

By implementing these solutions, Gulaal's social media presence will be transformed into a cohesive, targeted, and product-focused entity that truly reflects the brand's luxury essence and appeals to its intended audience.

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