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Metalman Brewing Reimagined


Metalman Brewing, a beloved Irish craft brewery, is embarking on a new chapter following a period of hiatus. This project aims to redefine the brand's identity, reinvigorate its product offerings, and strategize for future growth and success in the competitive craft beer market.





Project Scope

Branding, Packaging and Social Media Content

Client Brief

Evolution of Metalman Brewing: Charting a New Course

Metalman Brewing seeks to leverage its established reputation and loyal customer base while exploring innovative ways to evolve and remain relevant in an ever-changing industry landscape. The brewery owners are open to fresh ideas, creative concepts, and strategic recommendations to guide the brand's revival.


Metalman Brewing Revival Strategy

Brand Identity Refresh: Update logo, packaging design, and visual branding elements to reflect the brewery's renewed vision and values.Product Portfolio Analysis: Evaluate current offerings, identify strengths and weaknesses, and propose new beer styles or variations to expand the product range.
Marketing and Communication Plan: Develop a comprehensive strategy to reconnect with existing customers, attract new audiences, and build brand awareness through various channels including social media, events, and collaborations.
Taproom Experience Enhancement: Conceptualize and implement improvements to the brewery's taproom space, creating an inviting atmosphere and memorable customer experience.
Future Growth Roadmap: Outline long-term objectives, expansion opportunities, and potential partnerships to position Metalman Brewing for sustainable growth and success in the competitive craft beer market.

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