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Musings of a quirky mind

37 Dawson Street - Nolaclan Social Spaces

When developing the Brand experience for 37 Dawson Street, we were met with the enormous challenge to create a restaurant and bar experience that stood out from all others in Dublin city centre.





Project Scope

Branding, Packaging, Spatial Design, Experiential Design

Client Brief

Quirky, Oppulent & Eccentric

Creating a brand experience of an enchanting food and drink emporium at the heart of Dawson Street, Dublin’s busiest nightlife neighborhoods. The brief was to create a brand and space that intrigues - a place where anything can happen over a few drinks. The way we approached the brief was to create an atmosphere like what happens in your conscience, when you are dreaming - a momentary reality where all is not what it seems.


All is not what it seems.

Stepping inside, you will find an assembly of the wonderfully weird, from vintage paintings and posters to giant gargoyles and moose busts. This visual feast within the space then carries over to the identity, menu, advertising and other elements of the brand experience.

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