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Rethinking the Biggest Christmas Festival of Ireland

Winterval - Waterford City & County Council

Rebranding an event is like a rebirth - it comes with several challenges. You are not only faced with the challenge of getting the acceptance of it's already established user base, but also the logistical problems of redoing their costly physical installations, marketing materials and digital experience. This is how we approached the problem....





Project Scope

Branding, Packaging, Interpretive Plan, Social Media Marketing, Print & Publishing

Client Brief

Recreating Ireland's Biggest Christmas Festival

Winterval, Waterford's Christmas Festival approached us for a rebrand. They wanted a fresh and playful look and feel, that moved away from the stereotypical Christmas branding and advertising.


Having fun with the process

Our rebrand was inspired by Christmas gifts and wrapping paper. Waterford specific Iconic buildings were used as part of the composition. The illustration style of the brand was intentionally made to look handmade and playful to reflect on the quirkiness and artisanal quality of the festival itself.

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