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The Science of Burgers

Atomic Burger

As brand architects of the restaurant "Atomic Burger' in Dubai, we created not only their brand, but also the brand experience for their space. These experiences reinforce the importance that play and creativity can have on lasting, positive brand memories and loyalty. 




United Arab Emirates

Project Scope

Branding, Packaging, Spatial Design, Experiential Designer

Client Brief

Create a brand that tells a story

We were called on to create the Experience Design and Interpretive Plan for gourmet restaurant 'Atomic Burger'. The concept of the restaurant was 'Atomic Science'.


Synthesis of the concept into all parts of the Brand Experience

The metallic red and grey lighting fixtures, the texture of the ground and the raw open ceiling gives the feel of a science lab, thereby, integrating the concept of the restaurant into the space design.
The concept is even integrated into the tableware. Magnetic spheres that resemble atoms have been used as salt pepper holders, test tubes have been used as condiment holders and measurement flasks have been used for oils, vinegar, etc,

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