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Unifying Indians for a Better India

Anant Bharat

The advertising campaign uses the concept of "I am India" as its focal point. The creative approach features images of Indians curated into a mosaic, painting a picture of unity even in diversity, where India becomes our identity, our faith, and our religion. The campaign uses various channels such as social media, print and electronic media to reach out to people in order to achieve its goal of 10,00,000 pledge to "Indian" as their religion.





Project Scope

Branding, Social Media Marketing, Advertising Strategy

Client Brief

Unifying India

The problem that Ananta Bharat Nirman aims to address is the increasing religious divisions and tensions in India. These divisions have the potential to harm the unity and integrity of the country. This is a critical issue that needs to be addressed in order to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for India.


Above and Beyond Religous Divides

Ananta Bharat Nirman is a non-profit program that aims to address this issue by promoting a message of national unity and creating a movement of humanity and unity above and beyond religious divides and barriers. The campaign's goal is to get 10,00,000 people to pledge "Indian" as their religion and sign a 10-point pledge in support of the movement. By achieving this goal, the campaign hopes to bring people together and promote a sense of unity and belonging among all Indians, regardless of their religious background.

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