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Klub Krossstich

Welcome to KROSSSTICH, where sophistication meets style, and every garment tells a story of timeless elegance. The brand's journey began with a vision to provide men with a distinctive wardrobe that effortlessly blends comfort, quality, and sophistication. With a passion for redefining men's fashion, KROSSSTICH curates collections for the modern gentleman who values both tradition and contemporary aesthetics.


eCommerce - Fashion



Project Scope

Web Design

Client Brief

Igniting Innovation at Platform X, KPMG

The challenge was make the walls of the Dublin City Centre Innovation Centre come alive. Bring Digital Innovation to Platform by helping KPMG make a statement and leaving KPMG's clients with a memorable experience so they wont forget their visit.


Based near Connolly Rail Station in Dublin, heritage of place was important to the group - hence, we kept with the train theme and used the Platform X moniker. The solution was a futuristic, minimalistic collaboration space that ignites and enables Innovation through digital hyper-connectivity to the 32 Innovation Hubs in KPMG offices around the globe,

The seamless and inspiring experience at Platform X facilitates KPMG in bringing its full global capabilities to clients on-demand, reducing the previous essential need for travel and also contributing to its ESG ambition.

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